Just Make It Yourself: Hot Pepper Redux

Friends!  I liked the idea from a visitor to my blog, DLCS Management, back in March who suggested I try to make my pepper paste into a sambal ulek by adding just a few extra ingredients, like vinegar, salt, sugar and a bit of oil so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Normally, I would make my paste by grinding reconstituted dried peppers with enough water to create a paste and just jar it up.

A perfect blend

If you pour boiling water over these dried peppers in a big bowl, pit a pot lid over them and let sit for about 15 minutes (or less) you have reconstituted peppers ready for the grind.  These are a combo of japones and guajillo peppers––according to the “picantometro”on the back of the packages, japones are hot and the guajillo are medium, FYI.  Each package was 3 oz so two bags will give me a enough to fill a 12 oz jar.

Have blender will travel…

This blender belonged to my mother so it’s from the ’70’s.  It’s a crusty, old-fashioned Oster, but I am very fond of it.  It’s got a lot of blending options i.e. chop, stir or grind which is great for this project. To make the paste,  I use the water that the peppers were soaking in, adding slowly as I grind so I end up with the right consistency.  I think I use about a cup, but you can use more if you’d like a thinner paste.  Grind, baby, grind!!

Proceed with caution!

This much sugar

This much apple cider vinegar

The paste just looks beautiful in my Ball jamming jar!  I like to admire it before I stick in the fridge.  Now, if you’d like to make the sambal ulek, go ahead and add vinegar, salt, sugar and oil as per DLCS Management’s recipe before you jar it up.

As hot as you like!

Or you could reserve a little bit of the paste in your blender and toss the ingredients straight in.  And you are ready to use at will!


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