Breakfast, Mon Amour!

The breakfast of champions

How’s about a little breaky? I like eating Korean food for breakfast and it’s not because I don’t love pancakes and omelets because I do!  But you have to know that Korean food is especially great in the morning when you want to eat your heartiest meal of the day.  It’s the perfect fuel to get you through your long, trying day.  Have you ever heard the saying “Eat like a king in the morning, a prince in the afternoon, and a pauper in the evening”?  This is good advice my dad gave me some years ago and crucial for keeping slim and healthy in the face of gigantic portions.

Egg “crepe”

You can start your day with an egg and get the protein you’ll need to motor on to quittin’ time.  I rather like a simple hand with my morning egg that will complement my morning rice and kimchi.  An egg simply beaten and seasoned with salt and just a touch of water poured in a well oiled, heated pan and cooked ’til firm enough (like a crepe) to roll up into  a lovely “egg roll” is a tasty complement to your Korean breaky.   I would suggest a satisfying “rice bowl” of whatever you have leftover and can add to your rice.

Rice with zucchini and shiitake mushrooms

It’s nice to put leftover shiitake and zucchini over delicious hot rice––and did I mention it’s healthy?

A small side of homemade kimchi

And don’t forget your homemade kimchi.  Really, I think this is the quintessential “Lumberjack Breakfast” and just the thing for all that heavy lifting and loading you’ll be doing later on…or if you’re just extra hungry in the A.M.

Here’s my recipe for an easy mushroom and zucchini saute that would be great for dinner and any leftovers you have can go on rice the next morning:

The ingredients

shiitake mushrooms


garlic, minced or pressed

sesame oil

sesame seed

salt & pepper

soy sauce, optional

The steps

1. Wipe off your shiitakes with a damp cloth.  Cut stems (keep them for stock) and slice tops.  Wash zucchini well (they can be gritty), slice and sprinkle a little salt over slices.

2. Heat your pan, add a little sesame oil.  Add garlic and mushrooms, saute for about 3 minutes.  Add zucchini and saute until desired level of done-ness.  I tend to like my zucchini a little soft, but you might prefer them a bit crunchy.

3.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds .  Season with salt (check saltiness before adding any more salt) and black pepper.  Or you can use soy sauce in lieu of salt.


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