Do Koreans Cook with Tomatoes?

Yellow ones, red ones, purple ones…

Yes, when we’re making BLT’s!

 I was reading through blogs that focus on Korean food when I came upon the question, “Do Koreans cook with tomatoes?”  Although I do think about the ingredients that go into Korean cooking, I’d not really given much thought to what does not go in. I certainly eat and cook with them, but they are relegated to the pasta, salad and sandwich “blowing through the jasmine of my mind”.

Easy slices

Though I do have memories of my dad sprinkling sugar on tomato slices before eating, I would say it does not feature too much in Korean cooking.  Although I do recommend tomato slices alongside a simple Korean breakfast of rice, kimchi and fried egg.

So I got no fusion for you today, just a BLT straight up all the way:

The bread is your platform for all the good things to come…

Sourdough bread: The perfect platform

Bacon: Say when!

Get fancy with applewood smoked bacon, or at least go for the nitrate, hormone and antibiotic-free kind since you’re going to all the trouble to use heirloom tomatoes:

Tomato: Heirloom all the way

and fresh lettuce from the farmer’s market.

Romaine, the King of Lettuce

And once all the components are neatly in place, you can go ahead and tuck in:


A good way for anyone to cook with tomatoes…


3 thoughts on “Do Koreans Cook with Tomatoes?

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  3. I also used to eat tomatoes + sugar as a snack when I was a kid! But you are right, I can’t think of any dish that uses tomatoes but Koreans certainly love ketchup on their omurice!

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