Call It a Day…

Sad and overpriced

A strong case for making it yourself!

Back when I was working at a desk job some three or four years ago, I spent way too much money on take-out lunches.  Admittedly, I didn’t always have the wherewithal to ready lunch at home for my 9-5 job, so I ended up overpaying for falafel, sushi or pizza.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon the sole Korean restaurant in the ‘hood and thought, “Hey, what good luck. I can get some 돼지 불고기!” (돼지 불고기 is pork bbq, a very simple dish of thinly sliced pork in a red-hot pepper sauce). Here’s the review I posted on yelp:

The lunch box lunch special is really not very special.  And is extremely over priced.  There were substitutions that should have been mentioned prior to my ordering the meal.  Granted my bias lies in the fact that I grew up eating Korean food and having eaten at many Korean restaurants in Korea, I know I’m paying for  *****’s  rent and decor more so than the quality of their food.    A little bit on the soulless side.

The pork was greasy, on the verge of congealed, while the hot red pepper sauce was a sticky, sweet goo.  But mostly, the price of this lunch “special” is what flabbergasted me.  It should have been half of what they were charging.  Of course, I was really paying for their chic furniture and insane West Village rent which I should have realized before I let myself get sucked into there in the first place. My bad. Korean food is sometimes my kryptonite.

Puzzling, what restaurants who self-proclaim themselves “Authentic” consider “authentic” food.  Next time, I’ll just call it a day, go home and ask the Boyfriend to fix me a tostada…

Viva las tostadas!


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