Search Terms: Not Lost in Translation

With over 300 search terms that have led readers to this blog, I am beguiled by the singularity and quirkiness of some of them, like #105 “scarlett o’hara korea” as Scarlett O’Hara is an actual tag in the post “Use It or Lose It”:

Don’t stalk me, man!

And how cool that someone put in #196:

 شام بخیر

Which, according to an online Persian dictionary, translates in to “Good dinner” or “Good enough” in Urdu. Or, according to the guy at my local bodega, Arabic for “Good evening”––all good translations in my opinion.  I made my point about the importance of knowing how to make a good dinner which makes for a good evening and is more than good enough in “Traditional Values”:


And because I am an extreme noodle devotee, #180 “your noodle is boiling al dente” caught my eye, and I’d already rhapsodized its wonders in “My Darling, My Noodle!”:

Use your noodle

Ladies and lunches was a repeat combo, take #189 “simple lunchs [sic] for old ladies” which seems a perfect caption for this pic from my post “Pink Ladies Make Lunch”:

“simple lunchs [sic] for old ladies”

My last, but not least, mention will be breakfast: #152 “eat tomato for breakfast korea” because although tomatoes feature in my post, “Do Koreans Cook with Tomatoes?”, they do not so much in Korean cooking, breakfast or otherwise…

In the bag

but that could change once Koreans catch on to the Bloody Mary!

Breakfast of champions!

Thanks for all your visits to DIY Korean Food!  I hope you keep the searches coming!

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2 thoughts on “Search Terms: Not Lost in Translation

  1. This was really humorous and resonates with me because I was just thinking about writing about the amusing search terms that I’ve seen for our blog. The way you worked with the subject was great.

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