Kimchi, the New App 2

What’s kimchi got to do with it?

Fusion or confusion?

The growing evidence of kimchi as ubiquitous is mounting.  Every time I turn my head, someone’s got it on their menu, in their taco. I guess I could hail this as a great happenstance, say to myself, “Finally, kimchi’s getting its props!”  And yet, despite my firm belief that kimchi is truly the food of everyman––for the people, of the people––believing highly in its delicious and healthful properties, I do not feel such smugness. I know the difference between equitable eating and “15 minutes” in the mainstream’s esteem.

Kimchi loves company?

I am quite distrustful of trends set up by our popular culture––one day you’re the hot new-kid-on-the-block and the next day you’re “meh.”  It’s a bad idea to entrust the food of your ancestors to the whims of the mainstream where the tendency to distort and parody is alive and well.  Am I equating fusion with distortion and parody of a culture?  Seems pretty extreme, huh?  I’ll just reiterate my core belief: “Korean food will go on whether it reaches “it” status or not.  If it can survive the Japanese and McDonald’s occupation, it can withstand tacos…”

Et tu, Taco?

Or can it?

Is this the beginning of the end?  Am I also succumbing to fusion confusion, like the Boyfriend, who proudly serves up kimchi and cream cheese dip at parties?

Last week, I found myself in the kitchen surrounded by “breakfast” taco ingredients––  refried beans, scrambled eggs, grape tomatoes, cheese…and kimchi.  I had taken out the jar of homemade kimchi.  Inexplicably?

Kimchi, the New App

I think I might need an intervention…


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