DIY Dumpling 2.0

Start with shiitake

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?

You love your vegetarian friends as much as your meat-eating ones, right?

Start with shiitake

Start with shiitake

Of course you do.  So don’t leave them out when you’re making a dumpling dinner!

Start with sautéed shiitake mushrooms* and add your usual suspects:

Beyond meat

Beyond meat

*Store your shiitake in a paper bag and store them in the fridge or in a cool dry place instead of letting them get soggy in a plastic bag.

Understand your spinach

The gritty truth

There’s a lot of grit in the spinach you buy at the farmer’s market (even the bunches you buy in supermarkets) so make sure you give them a good rinsing before steaming or boiling.

Squeezebox: A can of tomatoes for squeezing your tofu

Squeezebox: A can of tomatoes for squeezing your tofu

The water that you drain out from your tofu can be reserved and used for sealing your dumplings.  Get a good hefty can or other heavy object to weight down your tofu.  A fairly dry tofu is better for crumbling in to your chopped spinach and sautéed shiitake.

Squeezebox 2:  Grated ginger

Squeezebox 2: Grated ginger

I use a lot of scallions and garlic and squeeze in as much grated ginger juice as I can stand.  Refer to the first DIY Dumpling post for a complete list of ingredients.

Nice package

Nice package

This veggie dumpling should not be looked upon as a stepchild to the meat dumpling.  She stands her ground and has fed many a vegetarian friend over the years.  It’s always been important to me to be able to invite people over for dinner no matter their dietary/culinary peccadilloes and predilections.  Yes, making room at my table for eaters of all stripes challenges my culinary capabilities, so it’s a good thing I learned how to value the leaf as much as the flesh.

Just like any good Korean cook.

Mangia!  (Beautiful saucer compliments of Joni)

Mangia!    (Beautiful saucer compliments of Joni)


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