30 Korean Dinners To A Brand New You

Can we eat Korean dinner for thirty days?

Make it yourself

Make it yourself

Bring it on!

The Boyfriend and I will eat Korean dinner for thirty days in March.  Korean food that I make at home, that is.  Recently, I went to a Korean restaurant with the Boyfriend when his friend and her family, all visiting from Beijing, invited us out to dinner.  The Boyfriend suggested Korean food!

It was a good dinner.  No surprises, but more importantly, no disappointments with  what we ordered.  But the service? Meh.  It did get me to wondering though: Could I make Korean food at home, not just for one day here and there, but for consecutive days, say thirty…well, could I?

A slice of life

A slice of life

I sat down and wrote out a menu for thirty dinners just to see what that would look like.  I put in a lot of repeats and certain time-consuming dishes appear just once or twice.  It looked doable once I put it on paper and made out a shopping list.  The Boyfriend asked if we would eat out during our challenge and I said no we wouldn’t because it is a challenge, after all.

We will miss a few nights as we’ll be away on a weekend trip to celebrate a friend’s birthday so some dinners will spill into April.

Sprout up

Sprout up

I think we can do it.  After all, I grew up eating Korean dinners for days, weeks, and months on end.   My mother did shake things up by including different kinds of foods, as she was cosmopolitan in her cooking, but she made sure we were well versed in the Korean way of eating.  Though I might have to make sure to eat a burger or two before the challenge starts…

A fishy tale

A fishy tale

Our dinners will cut out dairy (save for eggs) and bread, as Korean food does not call for either and that will only make us healthier.  Possibly skinnier.

Here’s a sampling of our 30 Dinner Challenge menu, just add rice:

Day one

두부 찌개 (tofu stew)

반찬 – 나물, 오이뱃두리 (sides e.g. greens, sautéed cukes)

김치 (kimchi)

Day two

연어찜 (braised salmon)

호박전 (fried zucchini)

김치 (kimchi)

Find recipes for some of these dishes on the Recipes page.  And stay tuned for challenge updates!

Cabbage as Kimchi

Cabbage as Kimchi


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