White Sheets and Burning Trees

Defending segregation one burning cross at a time…

English: KKK preparing a cross to be burned in...

KKK preparing a cross to be burned in Jackson County, in SE Ohio, in the fall of 1987. Photo/Paul M. Walsh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many Klansmen does it take to burn a cross?

This photo was taken in 1987.  I wonder what happened to that kid hugging the cross. I wonder if he grew up, joined a clavern, donned the hood and went on burning?  Or did he move out of Jackson County, settle into a big city and its diversity?  Maybe he made  friends with all kinds of people regardless of color.  Maybe he became a teacher and is teaching tolerance by letting people know about the dangers of intolerance because he witnessed it first hand.  Wherever he is, I hope he is in a good place.

Smell a peach

Smell some peace

I rather think we should all embrace the “live and let live” philosophy where we do not have to love everybody, but we must respect their right to be.  You don’t have to agree with my ideas or values, nor do you have to like my heritage, ethnicity or lineage, but you most certainly have to respect me and leave me the F**K alone.

I am not going to feed you some line about being color blind because I grew up in a big city or claim that inner city kids have a better handle on race relations.  Not true.  I think living in a big city can make things more tricky at times.  Better to be honest about your race matters and say that it is a work in progress.  But only if you want it to be.

The Old Lady and the Caregiver

The Old Lady and the Caregiver

Or you can do like “Justice” Antonin Scalia and hide behind your own entitlements while calling out everybody else’s.  His statement on “racial entitlements” just fuels the stubborn stupidity of people who believe they worked for everything they got and never got any help for anything.  And they might very well be the hardest workers on the face of the earth, but do they really think they’re not benefiting from anything at all?!  Do they think they’re not benefiting from the labors of so many others who work in the various industries that keep our economy and nation going?  These people must get their heads out of the sand so they can see that we all must take part in the process of keeping things going––you and me, not you or me.

Integration of identity

Integration of identity

The Southern Poverty Law Center keeps track of hate groups all across America, and there are quite a few of them.   The south plus some of the “big” states e.g. California are a clusterf**k of hate, but that’s not so surprising.  It’s when I see how many there are in my state of New York that gives my turkey wattle a real jiggle: 37!  Thirty-seven. 

Mapping hate

Mapping hate

The hate group closest to us in Downstate New York is the Nationalist Socialist Movement:

The National Socialist Movement has its roots in the original American Nazi Party, which was founded in 1959 by former Navy Cmdr. George Lincoln Rockwell. Seven years after Rockwell was murdered by one of his followers in 1967, two of his chief lieutenants, Robert Brannen and Cliff Herrington, formed the National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement in St. Paul, Minn. Leadership passed to Jeff Schoep in 1994, who renamed the group the National Socialist Movement.

“I do not see the niggers, homosexuals, mexicans, jews, or even child molesters ashamed or afraid to speak their minds and rally, march, post, and be activists for their sick cause. And too many brave men and women died to give me the chance to fight now. I will honor their blood and fight for soil.”
— Prominent NSM member J.T. Ready, in a June 15, 2008, blog post


Will Mr. J.T. Ready’s fight for soil involve cross burnings, bombings, and lynch mobs that claimed this country’s history for so long?  Or will he just peck us to the death with his ill will and malice towards mankind as he fights for his mighty big inch of pavement?

Fun until someone loses an eye...

A duel in the sun

“Southern man better keep

your head.

Don’t forget what your

good book said

Southern change gonna come

at last!

Now your crosses are burning fast

Southern Man.”

— Neil Young, “Southern Man”


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