Just Meow Meow It Yourself: Cat Food!

Meat = Love for cats.

For the love of Leo Tolstoy

For the love of Leo

No, there’s no kimchi in it.

According to veterinarian Dr. Lisa Pierson, MVD, commercial pet food is bad for your pets, especially the dried kind that fester in warehouses and can be full of “bacteria (salmonella, etc.), fungal mycotoxins, and storage mites.”  Or food that is made with contaminated ingredients to begin with.  And even though you like rice and carrots, your cats are not physiologically designed to digest carbs and veggies so don’t worry about having that stuff in their food.  They are obligate carnivores which means they need to eat meat.

Check out all the good information on Dr. Pierson’s website at: www.catinfo.org

Keep your eyes on the thighs

Keep your eyes on the thighs

Our cat food-making odyssey started with a search, kinda like Goldilocks’, on the Bowery for the perfect grinder:  this one is too small, this one is too big, this one is a  blender…doh!   Then we happened upon a guy who deals in nothing but with a shop floor to ceiling meat grinders!

Have meat grinder will travel!

A meat grinder means business!

But the real work is getting chicken thighs ready for the grind.  We de-bone about a quarter and leave the rest on the bone because cats need bone!

Dem bone dem bones!

Dem bone dem bones!

The chicken goes into the machine with chicken livers and then gets mixed with chicken chunks, vitamin supplements, and eggs yolks!  Find the recipe on www.catinfo.org

Down the hatch

Down the hatch

The good doctor warned that our cats might need some transitioning from commercial food and that mixing a few spoons of Friskies in to the raw would be good encouragement.  Good advice, but we didn’t have that problem with Leo and Sasha.  They took to the raw like they had been eating it all their young lives.

What chicken looks like

What chicken looks like

Prepping 15 pounds of chicken is not a pretty process.  Primal and grueling is more like it.   Animals in the wild have to process their own food after they catch it except they’re using their claws and teeth to do it.  I find the processing of animal flesh, skin and bone for the cats’ consumption somewhat less guilt inducing than when I do it for myself, but by the end of it all, the idea of becoming an obligate vegetarian sounds darn good.

Cat food for two!

Cat food for two!

One big batch is good for a month’s worth of breakfasts and dinners for cats between 10-14 pounds, as long as you keep them in the freezer and thaw as needed.

Obligate Carnivores

Obligate Carnivores: Alexander Pushkin & Leo Tolstoy


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