Korean Hospitality

Let us fill your cup with joy…

Let us fill it your glass!

…or your glass

and booze!

When I lived in Korea back in the early 2000’s, I met a lot of Korean nationals who took it upon themselves to welcome me.  Taking into consideration my plight as a displaced Korean, and ironically enough, American, they opened their minds and hearts to me.

Really, let us fill your glass!

Really, let us fill your glass!

 My friends took me around town to their favorite bars, coffee shops and restaurants, and into their homes.  I look to their brand of hospitality as my inspiration when inviting people over.

How's about a snack?

How’s about a snack?

I don’t want you to leave my house unless we have to call an airlift for you…just kidding, I just don’t want to run out of food or drink for you.  Like, no way you could eat us out of food and booze.  How shameful would that be!



What kind of sad example for a Korean would I be?  A really bad Korean to let you leave my house with any room in your stomach!



But seriously, come over!  We can’t wait to see you!


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