Roll, Baby, Roll

To be a rock and not to roll?

Roll with me

Roll with me

Oh, we’ll roll alright!

Sushi at home? Sure, why not.

Man handle

Man handle

Friday night dinner was a plate of freshly shucked Fleetwood oysters and sushi, lovingly prepared by the Boyfriend.



Working full-time since October has ended my “I’ll make dinner” run, during the week anyway.  That leaves the Boyfriend, who has recently decided to take time off from the suit-and-tie profession, to take up the baton of weeknight cooking.

The perfect bite

The perfect bite

The sushi was a wonderful exclamation mark to a week replete with dishes such as rigatoni á la sauce and tostadas topped with pan-seared chicken, pre-rubbed with the Boyfriend’s special rub.

For sake's sake

For sake’s sake

The range of cuisines coming out of our Brooklyn kitchen is a testament to our metropolitan environment and inclinations.  Though, if you were to ask, I will tell you that my cuisine of preference will always be Korean, but, as a true child of our fair city, to embrace the kaleidoscope of her cultures is in my genetics.


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