Better Get You Some Korean-agram!

Instagram lets you upload your life, bit by bit…

If you’re not afraid that your privacy will be raided by online marauders, then Instagram is a good platform for your uploaded life.

A good venue for cats

Cats are watching

I am mostly interested in posts about cats and Korean food (separately, that is). And of course pics of gardens and plant life, too.  But I can usually do without the selfies.  Unless it’s a cat selfie!

Upload this!

Upload this!

And I don’t feel as my private life is being compromised by posting pictures of my world on this social media platform.  More so, I feel as if I am joining communities of like-minded people––cat familiars, community gardeners, Korean food afficianados, and whisky drinkers––talk about a global village!

Let me show off my Tyrconnell

Let me show off my Tyrconnell

But with any social media app, it’s what you make of it.  Sharing your reality bites with other Instagramers who connect to your world view can help to create a more intimate experience in the big wide world of the Internet.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Reality bites

Reality bites


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