It’s Spring, a good time to look for signs.

Words to live by?

Words to live by?

It’s not so much that I’m superstitious, it’s just that I like to think that the world is in communique with me.

When I am in the toilet is usually not a good time to send me a sign, but I happened to find these two in public latrines intriguing––one in a Vermont museum and the other in the Red Hook Fairway supermarket.  Mumbo jumbo or a sign?

Gotta have fruit!

Okay, I’ll have more fruit

Decoding things is kind of up my alley.  Having grown up in between two cultures, I had to learn how to read the unspoken language of the adults around me as well as decipher the vernacular of my peers, some of them barely literate or articulate themselves.

I’m not kidding myself into thinking that every haphazard poster or sticker has a deeper meaning, it’s just that I think you can be persuaded by something you see because you are ready to receive the message…like go see some art.

Go to there!

Go to there!

Which I did.

Paying too much attention to people’s ill communications is ill-advised, but sometimes they can make sense…

Not a terrorist

Not a terrorist: Day one

a dialogue between strangers is one hallmark of living in a big city and NYC is a canvas that cries out for more and more paint.

Not a terrorist

Can’t we all get along?: The day after

Sometimes we need a little help and it’s okay to put it out there.

Not Danish, but stollen!

Not a danish, but a stollen!





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