Must Bee the Season!

Let it bee…

Let it bee

Let it bee

know what I mean?

My community garden is a sanctuary for all sorts of creatures, of which bees are one of my favorites.

Squash blossom

Squash blossom

They come for our blossoms.  And they like to really get in there for the nectar, in fact bees need to access 8.7 million flowers to distill one pound of clover honey.    We wouldn’t have the foods we love––blueberries, almonds, cucumbers––without bees pollinating from orchard to orchard, farm to farm.  Some apiary owners do a brisk business lending their bees to farmers, especially the almond growers, who count on them to cross pollinate all the flowers on their land.

Zinnia & Bee

Zinnia & Bee

So the disease that is wiping them out has decimated 2.4 million colonies and spread to 27 states by 2007. Along with insectisides killing off our bees, there’s ‘colony collapse disorder’ caused by a petry dish swarm of parasites––blood sucking varroa mites; breathing tube-attacking tracheal mites; larvae-destroying American foulblood parasites––egads!

Bee butt

Bee butt

The awful part of this phenomenon is that the infection was spread when bees were being transported across the country in the act of creating life.

Aster  Bee

Aster Bee

Apparently it’s gamma rays that may provide some help in killing off the pathogens and give our bees a fighting chance to rebuild their colonies.  Of course, banning the use of toxic insecticides and pesitcides on our crops and flowers wouldn’t be a bad idea either…

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