Mad About The Boy

He melts my foolish heart in every single scene…

Mad Boy

Mad Boy

I lived single for a long time.  It suited me fine because I did what I wanted when I wanted.

One tomato, two tot

One tomato, two tomato…

Commitments to people––family, friends, lovers, strangers––take work.  (Though most things in life worth a damn take work.)   Are we always in a position where we can put in this kind of sweat equity?  No.  So choose wisely to whom you’re going to give your time and attention.  A good rule might be to examine how much of yourself you want to give to the person in question.

Why the face? Shelburne, VT

Why the face? Shelburne, VT

If you find yourself wanting to give of yourself whole-heartedly then it is a good sign that this person can fit into your life.  Taking this kind of inventory may find you shedding some people along the way, but that’s necessary.

Here's to my Wilco shirt!  I like to wear it a lot...

Here’s to my Wilco shirt! I like to wear it a lot…

So you can make room for the right person.

I give you my chips

The right person will give you chips

Because at 6’2″, he needs some room…



Why am I thinking about this stuff now?  I find I get more thinky in September. And, plus, autumn is traditionally the time of year when Koreans engage and experience a collective melancholia as they ponder the meaning of life.  (Yes, I know everyone ponders the meaning of life, but it really is a national past time in Korea.  Really.  Go check it out for yourself.)


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