Melancholy Baby

In the deep of winter I get that hankering for dong dong ju.

Let's drink to January

Let’s drink to January

And if you have dong dong ju, you gotta have mung bean pancakes!

If it seems like I’m stuck on the one note here with the dong dong ju, that’s because I can only drink it if I make it myself.  Or if I go to Korea.

Side by side

Side by side

If you can’t drink the drink you love, love the drink you drink?  Er, mayhaps.  That’s easy enough to do.  I am happy with gin and drink it often.



But this year’s January will mark the nine years of my father’s passing, and to honor my melancholia, I brewed a batch of dong dong ju and fried up some mung bean pancakes.

A batter place

A batter place

I shared the dong dong ju with my Old Ladies and the friends who I knew would understand its place in my Korean history.

This Old Lady can chug chug chug!

This Old Lady can chug chug chug!

I’m all about making up my traditions as I go along––an antidote to my uncohesive upbringing.  And if you happen to be holding onto a jug, bowl, or glass of dong dong ju, please raise it in honor of my father.


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