I Play The Mandoline

Music to my eyes.

Almost paper thin

Almost paper thin

Check it out, you can make kimchi with daikon!  Oh, but you knew that.

Playing the daikon on my mandoline

Playing the daikon on my mandoline

Play the daikon on the mandoline and you’ll get some beautiful rounds in a matter of minutes.   Perfect for radish side dishes and kimchi.  I got this model for about ten bucks and its the least fancy of the bunch.   I was reading up on some review of other brands and the big complaint among users is how flimsy and awkward the hand guards can be.  Definitely use the hand guard no matter how badly made it is, as it will help keep your fingers out of the kimchi.

Squeezebox: ginger extracted

Squeezebox: ginger extracted

I used a concocotion of water, salt, ginger juice, spicy chili pepper and fish essence for the brining liquid.

Stir it up: chile de arbol, fish essence and water

Stir it up: chile de arbol, fish essence and water

I think I sliced the daikon too fine and I’ll make sure to cut it thicker when I make my next batch.  I kept it out for a day or so before fridging it.   But since the daikon was so thin, I think it could’ve gone right in.

Just like that

Just like that

And just like that, you’ve got kimchi for your Korean dinner.

Paper cut

Paper cut

Daikon kimchi

The ingredients

1 large daikon, sliced medium-thin and salted

1/4 cup or more hot pepper flakes or powder (chile de arbol is what I used)

7 or more cloves of garlic, minced

1 cup or more water

honey, just a spoonful

fish essence, to taste (recipe here)

1 large hunk of ginger, grated then juiced


scallions, chopped (optional)

The steps

1. Prepare the brining liquid:  In a medium bowl, combine chile, garlic, ginger juice, honey, fish essence and water.  Just taste before adding more.  Stir until well mixed.  Though the daikon has been salted, you may want to add a little more salt to the brine.  Set aside.

2. Place your daikon and scallions if using into your fermenting jar and pour in the brining liquid.

3. Let kimchi sit out for a day before storing in the fridge.  You can serve it right away if you’d like.


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