Brooklyn Eats

At home, that is…

On top of spaghetti

On top of spaghetti

Brooklyn is a clusterf**k of places to eat out.  But it’s pretty hard for us to eat out when the food at home is so good.

That's some spicy meatballs!

That’s some spicy meatballs!

A big pet peeve is to pay for food that sucks and there’s a lot of sucky restaurants out there.  That’s what keeps me going back to the same places over and over (and keeping my fingers crossed that they haven’t gone down hill since my last visit!).

Seriously sushi, y'all!

Seriously sushi, y’all!

So to avoid this waste of time, money, and gastric effort we make it a point to crank out delicious dinners at home.  Hats off to the Boyfriend who has mastered a collection of classic dishes––spaghetti and meatballs, sushi, coq au vin, and pizza too!

Coq au vin in the house!

Coq au vin in the house!

We recently ordered take out from our local Indian place, usually good for lamb vindaloo and samosas, and could not have been more disappointed when we got stale samosas with raw dough in places and less than spicy vindaloo.  No reason to put yourself through that when you’ve got your own mad culinary skills.

Slice by slice

Slice by slice

 And that goes for drinks too.

Bloody Marys all around

Bloody Marys all around


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