Mid-August Lunch

It’s a mid-August lunch in hodge-podge mode.

photo 5

What’s in your fridge?

Despite the weather.

We have a jam packed fridge with plastic containers of hmm-what-is-that?

photo 4

Use what you got

Digging amongst the smoked fish, tofu, wilted parsley but still good kefir, I rallied enough ingredients to make my lunch: a hodge-podge with rice.  I dug up a serrano chile, some cremini, my kimchi,  red onion, and Korean zucchini (which I grew myself!)

photo 1

Follow your palate

I recently admitted my Old Ladies into a nursing home so my mind went immediately to a film loosely based on old ladies.

photo 3

Just add rice

According to the film, MID-AUGUST LUNCH, most of Italy takes mid-August off.  They are all at the beach and their cities are just a ghost town.   Families are gone and sometimes old people are left to fend for themselves.

photo 1


These are the things I think about after visiting my Old Ladies at their new residence while making a mid-August lunch.

photo 2

Good seed: Sesame


Buon Appetito?



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