Grow Old With Me

I’ve had this one cookbook with me for a quarter of a century: SUNDAYS AT MOOSEWOOD RESTAURANT, a tome of recipes from the world…



(but not Korea, but I pardon the omission because what do Ithacans know from Korean food?)

It is stained up the wazoo and I’ve had to perform tape surgery on the binding numerous times.


Cook on

Yet I still cook on.


No capons were harmed to make this

I got serious mileage out of the Italian section  (quelle surprise, you say).  I remember making a gorgonzola pasta dish for my mom and her friends one time when we were still living on 107th Street in Manhattan.   I think a lot of the fettucine got stuck together, but everyone was too polite to say so.


I am pro-eggplant

I made the caponata recipe to go with the rosemary focaccia I baked to bring along to the pro-choice march on Washington back in the early ’90’s.


that shallot tomato!

My bosom friend, Rosie, and I boarded a bus along with a whole bunch of women AND men to voice our support for women’s reproductive rights.


Make it your own

 Look how far we’ve come.


Heirloom beauties


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