Use Your Noodle

This is my brain on noodles.



I’m okay with that.

Fresh pasta is very doable.

By hand or mixing machine, you can do it.  Click here  for a quick recipe.


As one who makes full use of boxed pasta and packaged noodles, or pre-made from my local Italian foods market, I am equal opportunity noodle–as long as it gets in my belly, it’s all good.


Though I did recently read in Cook’s Illustrated their advisement against using packaged egg noodles in sauced dishes e.g. bolognese as they don’t absorb the flavors as well as fresh.  But if you need the convenience of a packaged noodle, go for it.  Your stomach will absorb just fine.


“Get in my belly!”

Noodles in Sesame Oil

The ingredients

1 bunch noodles, say 8 oz.

1-2 tbs sesame oil, more to taste

1-2 tbs soy sauce, to taste

1 tbs kimchi sauce

sesame seeds

salt & black pepper

The steps

  1. Boil noodles to al dente.  Drain.
  2. Pour sesame oil, soy, kimchi sauce in a medium sized bowl.  Add noodles and toss. Make sure to coat noodles with your sauce.
  3. Season with sesame seed, salt and black pepper.  Adjust taste to your liking.



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