The Mighty Seed!

A seed for all seasons!

Small seed, big flavor!

Small seed, big flavor!

Celebrate seeds.

As we are knee high in planting season––tomatoes and zinnias indoors, edamame, radish, dill outdoors––seeds come to mind!



Though my focus is on the growing kind of seeds, it’s good to remember the ready edible seeds: sesame, chia, quinoa, poppy, etc.

Sesame seeds span the globe, finding its way in an abundance of cuisines–Middle East, most of Asia,  Mexico.  And dates back to 4000 B.C. and the people of the Indus Valley who cultivated it alongside barley and mangoes.


Healthful sprinkles

This mighty little seed, so versatile and beloved in Korean cooking, also gives us a delicious oil.  My favorite to drizzle over white rice along with soy sauce and sesame seeds.


Make it tasty

Speaking of rice, one wonderfully easy seasoning to make to sprinkle over your rice is a sesame “salt”.  You may have seen these seasonings in Japanese food markets made with a bunch of  stuff––bonito flakes, seaweed, potato starch & dried yolk (?) But this Korean version is super restrained:  sesame seeds, salt, and black pepper.   Note: toast the seeds and grind a bit in your mortar and pestle to release their fragrance and nuttiness.  (Just don’t you release yours).

And let’s not forget how political the seed has become in the age of agri-businesses and their pernicious reach to control seeds worldwide.  Not to mention their destruction of small family farms and local seed saving practices in the US, India, Brazil, and counting…

But we can fight back by being as informed as possible:

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Seed: The Movie




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