Mid-October Sunday

Just add Prosecco….


Welcome to my Sunday

On this mid-October Sunday, I am ready to make French toast and hash.


Give us this challah

Don’t call it brunch.   Okay, call it brunch.


I am ready

I started out with this round skillet and everything got stuck to it, especially the mungbean pancake that I added to the potato mix.  So I had to relocate to the cast iron griddle.

Much better.


Griddle loves potatoes

What a good way to use up your left overs.  This potato was extra from the potato salad I made for my Old Lady’s birthday the day before.  And mungbean pancake remnants not yet eaten up.


Griddle ready

I am often scoff-ful of brunch and it’s devotees who gob up the sidewalk in our Brooklyn neighborhood as they wait for a table at whatever popular brunch spot.  Most recently, one of those brunch spots closed down leaving the sidewalk free for yours truly.


Batter up

Certainly it wasn’t my mutant mind-meld powers that brought down this culprit, but if it were…then good.


You knew this would happen

Now maybe I can focus my power on the Moron-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.


Is that Karl Rove on TV again?

Or I’ll just turn my attention to my brunch.  After all, I did make it myself.


Sesame seeds make it Korean?


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