What I Think About When I’m Baking

It’s a galette.


Apple is the beginning


I have to focus.


Squeeze it out

What do I think about when I’m making pie? Or galette in this case.


Sasha supervises

Under the watchful eye of Sasha,  I roll out the dough for crust.


Rolling in the dough 

I wouldn’t be so far off to think of baking as a kind of meditation.


Come apple and cranberry…

And a time to not think about anything if one so chooses.


Crust completion

There’s a world of busy-ness to ponder.  I can take my pick of domestic and global concerns.   Trump, Syria, North Korea, sexual and gender violence,  oy vey.


Start with butter, end with butter

It’s a lot of sound and fury for sure, and I have a lot of 2018 to go yet…


Wait for it

so I’m going to pace myself.  And bake.


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