La Mar Cebicheria, Lima, Peru

Jiwon Choi is an early childhood educator and urban community gardener, dedicated to making and eating her own Korean food, determined to stop paying too much for substandard restaurant fare, especially the over-salted, uninspired stuff found in NYC Korean restaurants (sorry to y’all who love the stuff, but just make it yourself!)  She estimates she has made close to 5,000 dumplings  for friends and family in the course of ten years and vows to keep making more.

She lives in Brooklyn.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I just wanted to say hello and thanks for checking out my blog. I love your passion and that you have a purpose and a view. Best of luck, keep posting, keep blogging. ttyl. = )

  2. Hi there.

    I’m founder of http://www.walkedthru.com – which is actually a blog community. We’re currently recruiting bloggers, of all subjects and professions to contribute.

    I think your blog is a fantastic example of what we are looking for – it is fun, helpful, focussed, informative, and well written, with great imagery.

    So with that I would love to invite you to visit our community, and to ask you if you would like us to list your blog under WalkedThru Korean Food perhaps?

    Luke ‘SkyWalker’ Connelly

    • Your blog is absolutely riveting with your lovely inspired cakes. I especially love Princess Athena and her castle. I love to bake also so it’s fun to read your posts about baking. Happy baking!


    • Thanks for the nomination! How very kind of you to think of me and my blog. I will absolutely participate and will check out the how-tos! And congrats to you for your Liebster!

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