Kimchi, the New App

Isn’t it time to kimchify your rice?

It needs something…

There are many ways to dress up your plain, white (or brown) rice––a frequent option is the “rice bowl” where you top it with the toppings of your heart’s desire, see previous post “Breakfast, Mon Amour!” (May 6) for ideas.  However, if you are seeking an even faster way to dress up your rice, I have your one-two step right here.  Let me show you the way…

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Just Make It Yourself: Kimchi

Kimchi loves to be a part of all your Korean meals and you love it to be a part of yours which means you’ll need to have a goodly amount on hand.   Especially if you have lots of people joining you at said meals (or even if it’s just you––I don’t judge because I feel you).

The trouble, then, is that to purchase goodly amounts of kimchi at your local grocery, you will need a goodly amount of  pesos, euros,  drachmas…you get my point. Or what if you don’t even have a store nearby that carries kimchi? Then it’s best to just make it yourself. Continue reading