In The Bronchitis Kitchen

What a sicko cooks after a week of being afflicted with bronchitis.

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In the bronchitis kitchen

I ain’t no Typhoid Mary.

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Traditional Values

Dinner is important…

It’s not a buffet, just a good Korean dinner

As the only child to traditional Korean parents, I was influenced early by the great sustenance of Korean food and its creativity.  I like to tell friends who ask me where to get good Korean food that they should eat it at their Korean friends’ houses.  Not to say that you can’t find some good Korean restaurants in your neighborhood, just know that it can never be as good as Korean home cooking, but that can be said about food across the board.  Continue reading

Just Make It Yourself!

My friends keep asking me where they should go to eat good Korean food and my reply to them is always the same:  “At your Korean friend’s house.” I say this with complete confidence having eaten at Korean restaurants around NYC (which doesn’t compare to eating out in Korea!) and having grown up on my Korean mom’s home cooking.

So the next best thing for those of you who don’t have Korean friends to invite you to their house and are fed up with overpriced Korean BBQ (which really doesn’t begin to enter into the richness and complexity of Korean food) is to just make it yourself.

The Holy Three of Korean cooking

And don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it.